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  1. i want to do that but i have been overloading him with so much music lately. i sent him nine albums of just dub reggae. i want him to have time to digest everything. i dunno. maybe i'll send ok computer too. but then if i send ok computer, i really should send kid a as well. and i'm already sending in rainbows and the eraser. i thought a mix of everything would be good because then he can say what he liked from it and then i could send the whole album. i don't know. i just sent him a 37 song song mix of stuff. i don't want to force music on him, but he needs the exposure to music other than what he is currently listening to...which consists mainly of shite.
  2. so, i made the mix. i ended up putting 32 songs on it (lol)...not including anything from IR. i am going to give him IR in its entirety because i couldn't choose tracks to include. i'm also sending him the eraser because he might get into that. i wanted to include what i like, things he might like based on his music tastes, fan favourites and shit that would hook him in....that's why i put in some of their "signature sound" songs. anyway....here are my picks. tell me if i missed anything or should exclude something. thanks for your help. : ) you lurgee fake plastic trees just street spirit talk show host let down karma police lucky pearly meeting in the aisle palo alto the national anthem HTDC idioteque optimistic true love waits pyramid song i might be wron g knives out amazing sounds of orgy kinetic 2+2=5 go to sleep WIEAYB there there wolf at the door wicked child paperbag writer DITNU bangers & mash
  3. he doesn't like country. he likes a lot of hip hop and stuff like that. but he does like a little of everything. kind of doesn't really help much.
  4. i have a friend who has in an interest in radiohead. i rub off on people. instead of throwing albums at him right away, i thought i'd make a mix with 15 or so songs. i want them to be diverse. i am hoping you guys could help me with this. i am always horrible at making mixes for people because i never know what to include. it could be tracks from albums or b-sides. even a live performance. whatever. i'd love to hear your thoughts. please don't include creep. or pop is dead. thank you. : )
  5. i would definitely dress thom as the person would like....assuming i can work it out. maybe i will have to try to work out different hair for thom. maybe i will do one with yarn in the short kid a hair to see if it looks right. thanks everyone else. and, yes, hannah, i got your message. my internet is funny so i couldn't respond. i am happy you like him. but he is still nowhere as good as your thom doll!
  6. thank you! hgahhah.....yeah, colin needs to smile. i can't seem to make him without a smile for some reason. and you can't stop staring at phil because of those eyes! i'm telling you...they are big like saucers. i imagine the real phil stares at it too and is hypnotised by them. and then he goes into some trance that causes him to dance naked like he is taking part in some native african ritual.
  7. oh yeah...i meant to mention that i plan on making a micro thom. he would be about three inches tall. i lost the pattern for that though. i plan on making the first one once i find it. i guess micro thom could go for $7-10. or something. my friend thinks i should make a macro thom, but that would take forever, but i would love to have a macro thom to cuddle in bed like a teddy bear. lol. he'd be the size of my jerry garcia doll....which i bought; i didn't make him. i am not sure on the size since he is packed away. my friend also thinks i should make a life size thom, but that is just insane. if i did that, i would do that as an art piece and sell it for loads. like A LOT.
  8. hahha. it just so happens that the teacup thom i made for blackjacket had red trousers. (i forgot to take a picture before sending him out.) i plan to keep that as a piece to tiny thom's wardrobe. for hannah's doll, he wore a black shirt because i can't remember what shirt he wore with those red pants. all i remember is red trousers. TIGHT, red trousers.
  9. thanks guys! maybe those prices seem good for the dolls....$20 and $30. or $15 and $30 since teacup thom is half the size of tiny thom. i'll work on the eye thing for the next doll. but, seriously, every doll that is suppose to have matching eyes turn out mismatched. does that happen with the thoms who should have mismatched eyes...of course not. ok...here is the band. i am sooooooooooooooooooo not happy with ed, and phil's eyes are too big, but his suit rocks. i made four eds and that was the best. i think the problem is the shape of the real ed's head. a round head will never look like ed. but, eh, after the fourth attempt, i couldn't be bother anymore. and here is proto-type thom. he was my first. he reminds me of how the simpsons looked their first season compared to how they look now. lol. EDIT: proto-type thom and ed and jonny appear in this video i made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zSayW9ryZ0
  10. 1.) you are the only one so far to not think it looks like thom. of course, more may agree with you and not have said it. i have trouble making mismatched eyes for thom. every other doll i make has them though. but i don't want to draw too much attention to his eye anyway. besides, this is a doll. it would be a little hard to make him look exactly like the real thing. jonny actually turned out to look a bit like him. 2.) hello josh. yes, i knew that. 3.) deal 4.) what if it was the one jilly owns?
  11. i am an artist who likes to make crafty things. lately, i have been making dolls and such. during the tour i made the band a set of dolls.....dolls of themselves. thom, colin, ed, jonny and phil. cute little guys. the doll that people go the craziest for is the tiny thom doll. many have told me i should sell them. i am considering doing that. i have two sizes. tiny thom is about 11" and teacup thom is about 6 1/2". i would sell the thoms on ebay, esty, as requested and wherever else. they are 100% eco-friendly. the materials are all natural and made in environmentally progressive facilities. the felt is made of recycled plastic bottles. also, the stuffing is bamboo cotton....bamboo is renewable. real thom would be happy about that. the dolls take some time to make. it isn't something i whip up. they take time and care. each one is slightly different. his clothing is different from doll to doll. because they are handmade by me and take a lot of time and care to make, i can't charge little for them, but i also can't charge a lot. this is why i am making this thread. i want to get your opinion on how much i should sell them for. i have a picture on tiny thom and teacup thom below. excuse the poor lighting. thanks for your help, guys. and, before you say it, rex.....SHUT THE FUCK UP!
  12. not what i heard. i hear he likes to drink and lol...rapefish
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