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  1. does anybody else can't change their avatar?
  2. it's the green and white mushrooms in mario that give you an extra life. they move quick
  3. rating posts was new when he switched to this format. it only lasted a few days if i remember right
  4. i have a similar thought, but i dunno. i'm certainly not going to bother jonathan about post repping again, though
  5. we used to and then some people got their fillins hurt because you could also -1 so we stopped
  6. somebody gimme the down low on the happenins any new songs since super collider? rumors for release date or anything fancy like thaT?
  7. sometimes i forget that grt exists, but then i see posts like these and realize there's big dumb world out there and it's right next door. seriously guys. just glance around the radiohead forums for a bit. it's chock full of substandard intellect like this. good for a self esteem boost from time to time
  8. 214, also i have very few duplicates and the duplicates i have are legitimitely different. never understood the whole collecting entire concerts before. 60 versions of paranoid android and shit
  9. nah, i'm good. i don't really care enough and i learned my lesson. i still say tour videotape >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> album videotape
  10. collector's forum is my turf. don't fuck with me there
  11. it's better than it was in, say, september, but i'll be glad when the obama bandwagoners fade out so we can have good discussion again without all the, "yeah, yeah! good post!" people who have nothing else to say, but concur with the people that represent their views
  12. Natalie Portman

    singing tips

    and an arpeggio is playing each individual note in a chord. example: street spirit i thought you played the 'tar
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