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  1. Tinker Tailor sounds like a sweet Adult Swim bump from 14 years ago
  2. This album is so early 00s...wow, love it. It's like OK Computer/Campfire Headphase/ 10000 hz legend
  3. I'm taking in my first full listen right now...I've checked out the singles..and then ordered the vinyl. After I downloaded the full thing I listened to True Love Waits first because, well...curiosity...I'm super engaged by this album, I even got my gal to stop listening to lemonade to check out the two videos.
  4. Just stepping in to say Hi.. I mean... Hi. <3. Just listened to True Love Waits and was compelled to stop by... ...Love it.
  5. sooo what emotion is it supposed to show?
  6. lately i've found that i don't have the time to sit down and write a song...and i've felt very "bottled up" because of it, I just vomited two songs into garage band and feel 200% better.
  7. does anyone here ever record or perform songs without any prep or thought behind them? Just let whatever is on the surface come out..
  8. thanks nibbler! I'm really enjoying getting lost in the details..!
  9. thanks for the tips, I'll certainly try them out... I used to use a layered approach..having files with 60-100 layers, but for some reason, unknown to me, I've started doing everything in one layer...it feels more painterly. So I'm seeing how far I can stretch just 1 layer.
  10. gonna add all updates to this thread to show progress. i decided to attempt photorealsim in photoshop...and picked Richard Thompson as the subject. He was gracious enough to model for me in my very own google.stoodio! Anyway, heres where I'm at now.. not quite photoreal, and the majority of the time has been spent on the face...everything else is quite sketchy. Any artists have tips for achieving realistic photos? I know theres a person here who'd done christian bale and thom(maybe?) that was pretty good ..
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