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  1. did you get my card???????????? i haven't heard anything from you, so i need to know if i need to go scalp our mailman.

    1. Irene


      AH IM SO SORRY I KEPT MEANING TO TELL YOU but yes, I did get your card it is adorbs :3333

    2. Fly Wingless

      Fly Wingless

      Good gooood ♡♥♡♥

  2. The next time I get on my computer, I will definitely try this and if it works, omg Aaron, I love you.
  3. Yes, all of this. I never really understood why there was a "change theme" option AND a "use mobile version" button side by side, cause they more or less accomplish the same damn thing. Only the former apparently ruins everything. It didn't used to, though, cause I used to be able to "change the theme" without permanent consequence. This has to be a weird glitch or something. Maybe residual from when Jonathan had to fix the site after that hacker came around?
  4. I'm 90% sure it's cause I clicked Change Theme instead of the Mobile link. It didn't used to refuse to change back, so that's the weird thing. I would've done it the latter way, but the stupid Dolphin browser puts that stupid sonar button in the bottom left-hand corner and I haven't been able to figure out how to get it the fuck out of my way.
  5. I have an Android. I never had this problem before either, so it might be something to do with the website (I hope). The fact that it affects my computer browsing leads me to think that, anyway. Though, I don't know what would've happened between now and a few days ago. This is pretty bizarre.
  6. It sucks cause even when I'm on the computer, it won't go to the desktop version. Even when I click the button to do so.
  7. Oh dang, I was about to post about the same thing. I changed the theme to ip mobile or whatever and now anytime I click "Full Version," it just reloads as mobile. I can't read Irene's response to her profile post on mobile!
  8. what are your opinions on this whole people-boycotting-patton-for-somewhat-defending-daniel-tosh thing? i assume you've heard about it since you like his page on facebook. i couldn't stop myself from reading the comments, and now i'm all mad.

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    2. Fly Wingless

      Fly Wingless

      it's fine, that's what i figured had happened, haha. but yeah, basically, patton had tweeted "Wow, @danieltosh had to apologize to a self-aggrandizing, idiotic blogger. Hope I never have to do that (again)." Then of course, everyone jumped on him and accused him of being a "rape apologist," a term that was thrown around a lot at him and Louis CK (who only tweeted "@danieltosh your show makes me laugh every time I watch it. And you have pretty eyes," which is...

    3. Fly Wingless

      Fly Wingless

      wtf, it let me type all that out, but it's not showing the whole thing? aaaaugh...

    4. Fly Wingless

      Fly Wingless

      as i was saying, this was amusing: http://www.starpulse.com/news/SheKnows_Entertainment/2012/07/18/oops_louis_ck_wasnt_defending_daniel_t


      the whole thing was stupid. people boycotting patton, saying, "i respected you till you tweeted that, man. i'm not buying your tickets/albums anymore," and patton has made rape jokes before. what the fuck, even?

  9. Ba de ya, say do you remember Ba de ya, dancing in September Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day

  10. honestly, i just thought my glasses were dirty. well, they are, but yeah. don't really have a problem reading it, but i guess now that you pointed it out, it's a pretty big difference.
  11. hey fanny, you can still post on people's profiles! you have to click on "profile feed" to get to it, though. smile!

    1. gnogghi


      just noticed your message! thanks for the tip!

  12. is sending you a musclegram.

  13. you could merge the appropriate forums into an entertainment forum, but i don't see where ce and sh&r could go, then. and i don't know how i'd feel about those forums being "gen chat" material.
  14. i know, right? i got bored and was randomly poking in on people's profiles and saw that we weren't friends yet. all the lost time!

  15. hears all the noisy dogs.

  16. Yeah, this and falsetto is hard to do in some circumstances. I dunno, I didn't expect it to sound very good cause on shows like SNL and Letterman and such, the musical performances sound like shit more often than not. The guy in charge of sound always seems to fuck up and make the vocal mic waaay louder than everything else and nothing blends right. It seems to be a lot worse in recent years, which makes no sense cause technology… So yeah, I expected it to sound off on SNL and I expect it to sound off on The Colbert Report. Maybe if we're lucky, cause the show is an hour special, they'll actually attempt to make the band sound proper. Also, hey first post in GRT from me in ages.
  17. Uh, don't ask me how I posted that again over 2 hours later... I'm drunk.

  18. :o

    I wonder why it said my name. Must be *~fate~*

  19. :o

    I wonder why it said my name. Must be *~fate~*

  20. Awesome. I'll try to work mah majique.

  21. I just now saw your comment. Is it way too late now? I can get some fabrique and see what I can do, if it's not.

  22. Yes, yes, and *yes*. Evidence: I wouldn't have seen you had left a message if I didn't turn off mobile view when needing to multiquote in a thread where I was mentioned, as if my Anna senses were all sorts of tingling.

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