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  1. Rich's picture makes me fascinated by the passage of time.
  2. This just blew my mind cause I had no idea Brad Dourif was Chucky.
  3. I'll try harder next time, which should be any second, cause holy crap, it's always slow when I manage to drop in.
  4. This is why I post pictures of cats and corgis, to counteract this. You're welcome.
  5. I feel like I really dropped the ball on this one. I should have been way more belligerent before I stopped coming here.
  6. Thanks, Fanny, it's great till it snows and it gets stuck in the parking lot for like 5 days.
  7. My new Wacom tablet should be arriving today so I can resume photoshopping everyone's heads onto the bodies of cats.
  8. I kinda had a feeling the old gang would be resurfacing around this time due to all the Radiohead talk going on lately. And I was snowed in all weekend, so I guess the stars just aligned!
  9. The last post I made on MT was on December 27th, 2013. It was about my dog's tooth. Oh fuck, I missed you, Dancin' Thom.
  10. Daisy has a weird tooth. I'm wondering if it's dead. It's kinda darker than her other teeth and it's also kinda turned around a little bit. I don't wanna touch it to see if it's loose cause it might freak her out. It's pretty weird, though. The rest of her teeth are white and healthy, though.
  11. I managed to pay off almost $1,000 on my credit card, then I managed to blow over $200 in two days, ugh. That's almost my entire xmas bonus. *face palm*
  12. Aww the little duckling that pooped on the floor is all grown up. And holy crap, they all must love that roomba.
  13. I just want perkier boobs. I'm satisfied with the size, though.
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