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  1. I wonder if the veteran MTers are still here.
  2. All of these musicians are my friends . www.myspace.com/danielamirian www.myspace.com/everybodypowwow www.myspace.com/danielhutchinsondrums http://www.myspace.com/aldoorodriguez
  3. So I joined a band my friend Ashley and her boyfriend (drummer) started. They needed a bassist, so my friend contacted me. They have two guitarist and I guess with me in it now, it was the first time there was a full band. For a an odd reason, they really didn't have any compositions. My friend the night before told if I did, and I do. Two songs. They really liked it the songs.Ashley is the singer. For some odd reason she hasn't written any lyrics and asked me if I had any. I have four sets of lyrics, and she really likes them. So basically, I'm in. Does this make me the major con
  4. Just get it and listen to it. I've check it, and there's nothing really out there yet.
  5. Thom Yorke & My Bloody Valentine - Edun EP (2008) 1. Edun 2. Edun (Shields Edit) 3. Edun (Yorke Edit) 4. Edun (Ambient Super Fuzz Drone Edit) hxxp://rapidshare.com/files/127001274/TYMBV-E.zip
  6. For free. Become a security guard at a venue. (This isn't me.)
  7. I have friend that keeps on insisting that Jonny uses a theremin, and not a ondes Martenot, And he has seen them live...twice. I don't get it.
  8. Pretty nice. I'll need to tune in to that.
  9. I wouldn't waste my money on this. Its pretty useless.
  10. 2nd. & it won't be like during the Kid/Amnesia sessions, when tension was high.
  11. Haha. An acquaintance of mine apparently walk right by him at the local library. She said hi, & he said hi back.
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