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  1. Both my parents hate Radiohead. I play them in the car at every oppurtunity i get, and every time i do all i get is abuse about it. My mum is convinced that they are suicide music, my dad just says 'we arent listening to this shit' whenever i put them on. Oh well, you can't win them all. Im not gonna stop trying though.
  2. Be In Peace. I'd never even considered babies before i saw this thread. Be In Peace is a much better lyric anyways.
  3. Considered masterly by all Radiohead fans while it will get a mixed reception critically.
  4. Recently i've been listening to it a lot, and trying to decide if it's better than Kid A. While i don't think it is, and i'd also say that OKC is better than it as well as HTTT, this is one of the greatest albums ever.
  5. Thom would never do such a thing. Ever. And who would cheat on Thom??
  6. walking, walking walking: The Tourist sleeping: Treefingers waking up to: Dollars And Cents in a plane: Everything In Its Right Place in a train: Where Bluebirds Fly in a car: Airbag in a subway/bus: Paranoid Android in a church*: MB/Amnesiac to sing in the shower: Idioteque to blast loudly whilst cooking in the kitchen**: Idioteque (i don't cook) listening to when you are depressed: HTDC (to make me all better) converting others into liking radiohead: Idioteque (it worked on my friends) exercising***: Everything In Its Right Place? when you have moved into somewhere new: (never done it but im thinking...)HTDC) in a beautiful, natural setting: Pyramid Song to hear randomly whilst wandering in the mall/supermarket/etc: Subterreanean Homesick Alien
  7. Radiohead have never depressed me and never will. The music isn't depressing, but to a lot of people it can be, and that's based on personal things and how they are feeling while listening to the song. Their music uplifts me and makes everything else seem like it doesnt matter. It really, really annoys me when someone who doesnt have a clue about Radiohead labels them as depressing or suicide music. Are they depressing because they write about real issues that need discussion? They write about real life and the people who are the first one's to comment on it being 'depressing' are the one's who can't handle that.
  8. So close, so close...but Kid A. There are individual songs on Amnesiac that are better than some Kid A, but as an album Kid A works so much better. Pyramid Song, i would say, is better than any song on Kid A. Possibly not Idioteque, but everything else. Right then, i'll do this 1-10 without Hunting Bears. 1. EIIRP (Kid A) 2. Pyramid Song (A) 3. TNA (Kid A) 4. HTDC (Kid A) 5. IMBW (A) 6. Optimistic (Kid A) (Yes Optimistic) 7. MB/Amnesiac (A) 8. Idioteque (Kid A) 9. Like Spinning Plates (A) 10. MPS (Kid A) Kid A- 6 Amnesiac- 4
  9. 'Nothing to fear, Nothing to doubt' is probably my favourite along with 'And we all went to Heaven in a little row boat' 'Why so green and lonely' 'I'm not here, this isn't happening' 'Immerse your soul in love' 'Mybe you'll be president, but know right from wrong, or in the flood you'll build an ark and sail us to the moon' Lucky and CUTW are my favourite chorus', and that'd pretty much sum up all of my favourite lyrics.
  10. That is the worst album title ever. And that's why i beleive none of this.
  11. I like these survivor threads, we could still do a video one and Eraser one, but im not gonna be the one who takes the blame for making them. If you don't like the threads, just don't vote in them, why complain?
  12. While i think PA deserved it, Pyramid Song is a very very worthy winner, a perfect song in my opinion. Good Stuff, i guess im mostly happy that HTDC didn't win predictably.
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