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  1. This album drop got me out of the woodwork and back on mortigi tempo. Huzzah. Nose Grows Some is outstanding!
  2. yeah dewd, my local record store here in East Lansing, Michigan, had the king of limbs vinyl in their store yesterday. I thought it was odd, and I didn't buy it, but there you go. It must not be too rare.
  3. The thread title is correct, this record feels like Caribou's "Swim". Except it's not, it's a Radiohead record, because Radiohead have redefined who they are through this new material.
  4. It's fun to laugh at everyone invoking past albums and songs in each response. This album is spectacular. Picking apart Radiohead's discography through the release of their new record seems to be missing "the point" in every way possible. I knew I'd be disappointed reading MT-er's responses to the album, so I waited a while to log on to see what everyone was saying. This album is different, yes. Let me remind you, Radiohead is not the same band they were even a year ago. This change is refreshing to witness in a band, let alone one of my favorite bands. Planets swing out of t
  5. yeah guys, for realz, the japanese writing says 18:59. 当たり前だろう。
  6. Maybe a public broadcast of the album? Maybe someone has projection-artwork to display with the album?
  7. when the In Rainbows box set was available for pre-order back in '07, I seem to remember that it was said to have an extra cd in the packaging. Since for this go 'round the King of Limbs site doesn't say that there is an extra CD, I'm assuming that it is just the regular album tracks. That being said, I bought the deluxe edition because it is Radiohead and I am alive. No thought entered into that purchase.
  8. W/ my noise canceling headphones, laying down on my floor staring at the ceiling.
  9. I think I will build it up! Thanks for the feedback.
  10. I wrote this today: Away I recorded it so that I (hopefully) won't forget it later on. I like the lyrics in the first half, not in the second. I like the piano in it.
  11. Hi all. Here is some recorded stuff for you to listen to, comment on, etc. I know the quality is off, I've not taken myself too seriously. I still think some of it is interesting, at least. The first two are from today (guitar), the third one is from this past March (piano), and the last two are from December '09 (toy organ). None of them are really alike, so best to taste-test each of them just to be sure. 1) Time and Rivers 2) Nonsense 3) Walt Whitman Said - I like the piano work in this one, though I've forgotten how to play it... 4) Organ 1 5) Organ 2
  12. And/or do you want me to post regularly? http://www.mediafire.com/?zjjz5y2ymdw. The guitar playing is horrible, I know. I did one quick take. I'd just like to know some feedback. This is the only place I could imagine posting anything, and I wouldn't want to continue if I didn't have somewhere to get feedback/support/criticism. THNX
  13. I felt energized after my morning coffee, so I sat down and wrote a song today! I'm proud of it, as it's the first song I've ever completed beyond 1:00. I think my voice has gotten better too. http://www.mediafire.com/?ayizzmntbh3 It's in French (just kind of how it happened), so here are the lyrics and a translation: Je veux retourner au Mexique, Un de ces jours, O
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