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  1. a poem i wrote for my brother after a recent hiking trip. the events described in this poem are true. the sierras once in a while i break clear away to climb a mountain, spend a week in the woods and wash my spirit clean. the pines and cedars fragrance scent the mountain air as i trace the forces that brought these features together and find them attached to everything else. the crickets and birds continuous music soothe senses. their harmonious concert broken only by the discordance of my brothers farts that rip through the air with irreverent reverberation as we climb the mountains face and i try to stay ahead of him. must stay ahead, so i can breathe.
  2. wonder if this song is based on someone he actually misses.
  3. i've read that thom yorke loves the book gravity's rainbow by thomas pynchon and has used ideas from that book before in his songwriting. maybe something to do with that?
  4. i know the video you're talking about. it was from the andy dick show. it was a comedy sketch about a woman who wins a celebrity dream date with thom yorke, or something like that. i saw it years ago, but i remember it cracked me up. i've tried looking for it myself since, but haven't been able to find it. couldn't find it youtube either. if someone on here knows where to find it that would great.
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