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  1. some guy came upto my friend on a train and gave her a radiohead badge because she was wearign a radiohead t-shirt, the guy said he used to go to school with thom yorke, my friend asked what he was like, the guy said 'a bit miserable really'.
  2. not a bad cover, not as good as their cover of another brick in the wall. inmes cover of creep was way better
  3. the only good things to come out of thoms solo work is cymbal rush and that other one he did what i liked
  4. mpie is boring, tmglmoat is full of lol, spitting feathers is just thoms b-sides - which (i find) pretty awful, okc vinyl would be a nice decoration but id go for tmglmoat
  5. thing is, it really annoyed me. i had been a fan for years, bought all their cds, a t shirt and payed a lot of money for a festival ticket just to see one band really. first radiohead gig and i was so excited, howd they repay me? with some half arsed attitude. if they didnt want to play there, they shouldnt of agreed to it and made people pay money to see them
  6. yeah, i pretty much lost interest after seeing them at v
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