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  1. Linkon

    Austin City Limits

    was up near the rail for radiohead, dont know about everyone else but we went bonkers the whole time, but other than singing it was silent through fake plastic trees, they were on fire for sure. schoolboy q had the craziest crowd i went to, pits broke out but the acl crowd doesnt really know how to mosh, a+ for effort. Kendrick was majestic, my section was dope and kdot saw my head is the future hat. 10/10. lcd fucking slayed, best lights. will be back to acl again.
  2. Linkon

    Austin City Limits

    whose headed down for weekend 2? ill be attacking austin from wednesday on.
  3. Theres probably someone here with more expertise than me, since i play music strictly as a hobby. For a drum pad i use an Akai mpd18. i wouldnt go about hitting it with sticks though. once at work i sold a roland octapad that sounds more like what you want. That particular machine, and the one i own are USB 2.0 and can be hooked up directly to your computer, but older equipment may require you to get a separate MIDI/USB interface. you shouldnt need any special cords other than MIDI cables, which can be picked up for super cheap at big electronic stores or your local guitar center/whatever music equipment store.
  4. ryan does it throw you an error, or do you just get a plain white page?
  5. one of my favorite radiohead basslines, colin rocks it live.
  6. i went through a spell where i tried to get into Bruce, ive heard all of born to run and Nebraska, and on one of my good buddies word i tried The Rising as well. ill put it to you this way, i got love for the boss. the guy can play, he can sing, his songs have got some nice themes in them, its just not for me. i tried i really did!
  7. everytime i hear bruce spingsteen i think, "man this is some good shit, and i dont like a single fucking note of it"
  8. i think we are on the same page, my argument is that the sequencing of the songs isnt the issue. Hail to the Thief is still my favorite album, the fact that the songs dont mesh doesnt matter, its gritty and raw compared to the rest of their work.
  9. hail to the thief doesnt really have sequencing issues, so much as other than 2+2=5 at the top, i feel like the rest of the album could be put on shuffle. and then theres the matter of We Suck Young Blood, i love that song but its jarring and probably better if left out altogether
  10. lotus flower, meeting in the aisle, treefingers, that cover of winter wonderland, live versions of dollars and cents
  11. if your kids listen to whatever is top 40 radio fodder, radiohead can almost seem "educational" but probably just means its something parents would pick to watch? who knows
  12. "I Would Die 4 U" obviously. they have enough percussionists to pull it off now.
  13. Linkon

    dallas show

    sucks for you guys, everyone around me was really into it, rocking out when proper, hushing the fuck up needed (dead silent during pyramid song) i guess if you arent in the pit youre bound to get some people who are douches, but i had some friends up in in the nosebleeds where they were renting fucking binoculars and she said everyone up there was dancing, albeit carefully for fear of tumbling ot their deaths.
  14. Linkon

    dallas show

    the evening is going to be perfect regardless, but it would be more perfect if they played where i end and you begin
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