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  1. Linkon

    2018 POLL

  2. Pimp C got mad features this year wonder if he's ramping up for another solo.
  3. You werent kidding about black ken, what i liked i really liked. could leave the rest. I gotta check out that shabazz palaces. Booty Tape is blessed.
  4. lil b can be great in spurts for me.
  5. Linkon

    NBA 17/18

    The mavs are soooo bad im in love with the team. Dirk captain of the tank is not ideal. Rick gonna squeeze 30 wins out of this group because hes legendary. Im sad i havent had enough spare time to watch the other teams, really want to catch simmons at some point.
  6. the manny fresh worship on this track made me get up out of my chair sup yall
  7. Linkon

    NBA 17/18

    Every year since 15 ive wanted Dirk to sign with golden state, play 15 minutes a game and just win rings until he gets bored. But ill also happily watch him win 30 games in Dallas this year
  8. nah thats ye, pusha's verse begins "success is what you make it, take it how it comes" his verse is the only one that really captures the depraved wealth vibe i get from the song. Pusha could drop of whole album of classics on that subject.
  9. Linkon

    NBA 16/17

    to be fair the wheels do eventually have to fall off. I just wish dirk would have bailed in the offseason.
  10. Linkon

    Austin City Limits

    was up near the rail for radiohead, dont know about everyone else but we went bonkers the whole time, but other than singing it was silent through fake plastic trees, they were on fire for sure. schoolboy q had the craziest crowd i went to, pits broke out but the acl crowd doesnt really know how to mosh, a+ for effort. Kendrick was majestic, my section was dope and kdot saw my head is the future hat. 10/10. lcd fucking slayed, best lights. will be back to acl again.
  11. Linkon

    Austin City Limits

    whose headed down for weekend 2? ill be attacking austin from wednesday on.
  12. Linkon

    NBA 15/16

    lebron overcoming the warriors is just as big as dirk overcoming lebron.
  13. Linkon

    NBA 15/16

    that kyrie shot was every kids hoop dream shot, one on one vs. the mvp crushing his dreams in his building man that shit is legendary.
  14. Linkon

    NBA 15/16

    waiting for the lebron takeover....
  15. Linkon

    NBA 15/16

    the only heat fan i know was really just a lebron fan and doesnt even know who hassan whiteside is
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