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  1. hahaha now THATS a thread! umm you start it. people here don't like me
  2. explain...i'm curious as to what that is.
  3. I've had a few dreams involving the band that were amazing. But last night, it was just jonny. He was actually my pal. I kept trying to tell him he's jonny greenwood, but he wouldn't listen. he said his name was edgar. (i've never met an edgar in my life). and the dream went on and so forth. He told me he loved me and disappeared. (maybe thats just some wishful thinking on my part.....::sniff sniff: ok i'm sorry if this was lame, but I wanted to know if any of you have ever had any dreams with the band in it.
  4. obviously. Who elses opinion would it be?
  5. poor hunting bears....always picked last.......
  6. if jesus made an album, it would be amnesiac
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