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  1. kid a. tied with okc as best rh album. then amnesiac and in rainbows, which are also good. the bends has like 4 good songs, rest are shit. pablo honey is the worst one, but has some moments.
  2. only album that could go either way is httt which is actually a 6.5/10 album that i rounded up. the rest seems to be set in stone as far as my preferences are concerned.
  3. that video is pretty much the only radiohead i still listen to these days. every couple of months i feel like a giggle and watch it, it is awesome.
  4. ukip voters like phil collins, haha!! [full disclosure: i kinda like gabriel era genesis though...]
  5. funny that fans of seinfeld the tv show are apparently very right-leaning, but jerry seinfeld fans very much lean to the left haha. obv this can be explained by tiny sample sizes. on categories where there are 1000 plus people, the results might actually be substantive. nice website, thanks yougov!
  6. yeah last.fm showed zero radiohead in last three and 12 songs in last 6 months. i probably should revisit some albums soon, i miss them a little.
  7. lol radiohead, have not listened to this band in months. nevertheless, i was bored and made a list in like 20 minutes. 1. Climbing up the Walls 2. How to Disappear Completely 3. Fake Plastic Trees 4. Pyramid Song 5. Let Down 6. Paranoid Android 7. There There 8. Life in a Glasshouse 9. Reckoner 10. Bloom 11. The National Anthem 12. Like Spinning Plates 13. Idioteque 14. Exit Music (for a Film) 15. True Love Waits 16. A Wolf at the Door 17. I Might Be Wrong 18. Street Spirit (Fade Out) 19. Anyone Can Play Guitar [Live at MTV Beach House, just for lulz] 20. Knives Out 21. Feral 22. Nude 23. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors 24. My Iron Lung 25. Karma Police 26. You and Whose Army? 27. Just 28. Talk Show Host 29. Electioneering 30. Worrywort 31. Lotus Flower 32. Kid A 33. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box 34. In Limbo 35. Motion Picture Soundtrack 36. Videotape 37. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 38. Codex 39. Everything in Its Right Place 40. The Tourist 41. Jigsaw Falling into Place 42. Separator 43. Dollars & Cents 44. Optimistic 45. 2 + 2 = 5 46. You 47. No Surprises 48. Faust Arp 49. Fog (again) 50. Little by Little 51. Myxomatosis 52. Trans-Atlantic Drawl 53. Bodysnatchers 54. Morning Mr Magpie 55. Killer Cars 56. Lucky 57. Give Up the Ghost 58. Airbag 59. 15 Step 60. Morning Bell 61. Blow Out 62. Sail to the Moon 63. Subterranean Homesick Alien 64. Scatterbrain 65. All I Need 66. Go Slowly 67. Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) 68. Where I End and You Begin 69. Cuttooth 70. Stop Whispering [uS Version] 71. Sit Down. Stand Up 72. Morning Bell/Amnesiac 73. (Nice Dream) 74. Planet Telex 75. Go to Sleep 76. These Are My Twisted Words 77. Backdrifts 77. Ripcord 79. House of Cards 80. Thinking About You 81. Creep 82. Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was 83. Palo Alto 84. Fog 85. The Gloaming 86. Black Star 87. The Bends 88. We Suck Young Blood 89. Lurgee 90. A Punch Up At A Wedding 91. Vegetable 92. Sulk 93. I Will 94. High and Dry 94. Hunting Bears 96. Fitter Happier 97. Where Bluebirds Fly 98. Treefingers 99. Bones 100. Prove Yourself most songs near the bottom are pretty terrible and don't really deserve any points, but i am in a good mood so you might just use them normally.
  8. petition to have a food & drink subforum.
  9. from the picture it seems the page is still loading. RDWHAHB!
  10. pablo and bends have like seven good songs combined. after that it gets better, but there are lots of bad songs, especially on httt and later works. some radiohead fanboys seem quite delusional lol.
  11. then again lou reed claimed he never listened to MMM .
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