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    walter ego

    I HATE seedless watermelon

    Popcorn time
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    I know! Wasp stings really hurt:( Also I bought a washing machine a few months ago and it has a button for Blood and one for Wine. When did domestic life become so macabre?
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    This might be my final bug story. I got a professional exterminator service to join me on the battlefield and IT IS ON. I didn’t want it to come to this. I thought we could learn to live together. I don’t want to harm nature and I appreciate the diversity of life but they are destroying my home. There is a new ant, they find every tiny hole in the wall and come in and fan out and keep nesting in the laundry. They bit me! I went outside to find their point of entry and seal it off and as soon as I started to caulk they attacked me and I could not even see their hive/hill, it was a coordinated stealth attack. Then I freaked out a little and yelled which caused an insect commotion and suddenly all these moths and wasps flew up out of the grass and started swarming and I ran away and ran right into a wasp swarm and got stung again. Remarkably, I made it back to the house (through a swarm of mosquitos of course) and immediately called an exterminator. I paid for a year of service and told them to nuke the site from orbit.
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    how good are blink 182

    what are your favorite baha men deep cuts
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    walter ego

    Jonathan are you there?

    It is working for now!

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