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    I just listen to the Splatoon 2 soundtrack over and over because it goes hard
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    Always sittin' on my damn feet for at least 30 min while boarding hard and got damn if it doesn't get me out my chair for at least a handful of 10-second moments! heart-react if u rel8
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    Also, this isn't the first time people assumed Radiohead were nearing the end. There were so many posts in 2008 talking about how Videotape was their goodbye to their fans and they were going to hang it up after the In Rainbows tour. Didn't happen. During the long wait between TKOL and AMSP, lots of people assumed the band would go their separate ways. Again, it didn't happen. Five plus years seems to be their standard interval between albums now - so LP10 in 2021, LP11 in 2026, LP12 in 2031 is perfectly plausible. I won't believe that Radiohead are going to end until I hear it from the band themselves. If you think this is over, then you're (probably) wrong
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    sleepy jack

    Always sit on my damn feet

    It's because you're using a new account. Older accounts have react privileges.
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    this is tmonk by the way. apparently this is the account associated with my "real" email address
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    "Hrrrrnnggh Ed, this is Thom, I’m trying to record for LP 10 but I’m dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps throwing off Phil's drumming"

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