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    Jonathan are you there?

    Totally fair to ask these questions. There's no real reason as to why I brought MT back. I guess it's because it's been a part of my life for the past 20 years. It felt weird not having it around. I have no expectation that people will visit or stick around. I realize there's plenty of other places you can spend your time (reddit, discord, slack groups, etc...). There's a lot of history within the topics here and for some reason, I didn't like that I just erased it. So, at the very least, I wanted to bring MT back purely for the historical snapshot of what useless things people were talking about from 2004 on. The only things that have changed are the server and software. Both were ancient and prone to spamming and attacks. The whole server was taken over by hackers in January which is why I shut it down. After moving to a new server and updating the forum software to be from this decade, I'm optimistic that the spam problems won't be as bad. I'm "present" in the sense that i check the site daily. I don't post much, never have. And I realize that things got really bad here the last few years. Life is crazy with 2 children under 4 years old so I do have bigger priorities. Hope this makes sense...
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    Naomi Whats

    Um....Ed has released new music.

    This album is very dull
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    I had not thought about that. That makes sense. I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it . . . . . it seems obvious now that you bring it up. I guess I've just been so focused on trying to catch up on acquiring b-sides, live tracks and hard-to-find recordings that . . . . . sitting down and watching the two Live From The Basement performances wasn't on my radar. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    Yes, of course. Be aware . . . . . I added three spaces to the Internet address because I don’t like it when forums (and email websites) take an Internet address (that I have typed) and make it an active link. I just want the Internet address to be plainly typed letters. I think adding spaces does that. I placed the spaces after https and google. Here’s the Internet address: https ://docs.google . com/document/d/1kA8u6UhjbutZ-b7TXzmX4qkOTg6nGC1vPg50WwCcZyo/preview
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    Thanks. Do you know any way I can get into contact with them? edit: never mind, I managed to email Austin.
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    How did you put the heart next to my comment there? That's what I'm referring to.
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    i am excited to hear the 2 or 3 good songs on LPX and maybe some cool interludes or B-sides but i'm also excited to hear the 5 or 6 shitty boring whining and crying put me to sleep lost their edge forgot how to rock songs too.
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    Official Anima Thread

    OK . . . so the above video appears to have the 2 tracks on the B side of the 12-Inch vinyl Record titled Anima (Preview Limited Edition). According to the Notes section of the discogs.com page for Anima (Preview Limited Edition): Given to attendees at the Los Angeles IMAX premiere of the ANIMA short film by Thom Yorke and Paul Thomas Anderson on June 21, 2019. Also given on select European and North American IMAX screenings on June 26, 2019. The Alternate Mix of Dawn Chorus is the synth only mix from the movie That last sentence does not make sense to me. It says "the synth only mix from the movie". I just watched the Anima short film that's posted in this thread. To me, the version of Dawn Chorus in the Anima short film sounds like the version from the Anima album. Thom has vocals during Dawn Chorus in both the short film and the album. Neither is "synth only". If the Alternate Mix of Dawn Chorus is synth only . . . . then maybe it's only on the A side of the 12-Inch Vinyl Record titled Anima (Preview Limited Edition). Does anyone else have a different interpretation?
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    get a load of this guy... 6 posts in and his passion has already "waned" !
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    i'm confused, why would the inferior album be a better choice?
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    Who is still here excited for LP10?

    ... I thought KID A was a bit weird
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    Who is still here excited for LP10?

    I think AMSP is easily their worst since OKC, but then I think TKOL is great so don't listen to me
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    Thom Yorke's other side projects

    You must be all overt his one eh, jazzo fiend. I look forward to spinning this record on a rainy day.
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    fuckin' solid tracks tho!
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    Naomi Whats

    Jonathan are you there?

    I respect that a lot Jonathan ♥️
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    The Dog

    peotry thread


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