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    Jonathan are you there?

    Totally fair to ask these questions. There's no real reason as to why I brought MT back. I guess it's because it's been a part of my life for the past 20 years. It felt weird not having it around. I have no expectation that people will visit or stick around. I realize there's plenty of other places you can spend your time (reddit, discord, slack groups, etc...). There's a lot of history within the topics here and for some reason, I didn't like that I just erased it. So, at the very least, I wanted to bring MT back purely for the historical snapshot of what useless things people were talking about from 2004 on. The only things that have changed are the server and software. Both were ancient and prone to spamming and attacks. The whole server was taken over by hackers in January which is why I shut it down. After moving to a new server and updating the forum software to be from this decade, I'm optimistic that the spam problems won't be as bad. I'm "present" in the sense that i check the site daily. I don't post much, never have. And I realize that things got really bad here the last few years. Life is crazy with 2 children under 4 years old so I do have bigger priorities. Hope this makes sense...
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    Naomi Whats

    Um....Ed has released new music.

    This album is very dull
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    Yeah, I love that recording. It was on my iPod playlist during my backcountry hike in Yellowstone last Saturday. In fact, my entire playlist included Radiohead, Thom Yorke solo and Atoms For Peace. I'm finally getting to enjoy all the recordings I acquired during the past year . . . . . listening to them while on adventurous hikes. I'm very grateful for these incredible songs.
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    Yes, of course. Be aware . . . . . I added three spaces to the Internet address because I don’t like it when forums (and email websites) take an Internet address (that I have typed) and make it an active link. I just want the Internet address to be plainly typed letters. I think adding spaces does that. I placed the spaces after https and google. Here’s the Internet address: https ://docs.google . com/document/d/1kA8u6UhjbutZ-b7TXzmX4qkOTg6nGC1vPg50WwCcZyo/preview
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    Thanks. Do you know any way I can get into contact with them? edit: never mind, I managed to email Austin.
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    Happy Philistine

    Radiohead Public Library

    I was at that gig, middle night of three in punchestown a few days after kid a was released. What a night. Kildare not Dublin though, Radiohead need to be more accurate with their archiving.
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    Radiohead Public Library

    a lot of that stuff was amazing. it was just a really cool, unique intimate look at the band when they did those webcasts. i remember being on here and streaming the webcasts and talking about them. such good times.
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    Song Title

    Yeah that doesn’t help...
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    Song Title

    So I realize it’s been 15 years, but did you ever find out who that was? Because I’ve had that song stuck in my head for a good 20 now. Or whenever Napster was in its heyday. I downloaded it because someone named it as Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” which it definitely wasn’t. But dammit, that song was great and I just want to hear it again.
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    I'm not sure which is worse, the fact Radiohead ripped one of their most critically acclaimed songs (Daydreaming) off a lesser known song from an unjustly hated Blonde Redhead era (Defeatist Anthem) or the fact that several of Coldplay's best songs in their early career (High Speed, Brothers and Sisters) were stolen from Gustavo Cerati (Puente) and Soda Stereo (Millon Años Luz). At least Coldplay admitted their theft by doing Soda Stereo covers in Buenos Aires. Radiohead owes it to Kazu, Amadeo, Simone to do Blonde Redhead covers next time they're in New York. The funny thing is Kazu's Salty lives up to its title just a bit, by being even more like Daydreaming than Daydreamimg was like Defeatist Anthem, as if she's just daring their hypocritical asses to try to pull a Lana Del Rey on her. It's also a lot better than Daydreaming tho,
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    i am excited to hear the 2 or 3 good songs on LPX and maybe some cool interludes or B-sides but i'm also excited to hear the 5 or 6 shitty boring whining and crying put me to sleep lost their edge forgot how to rock songs too.
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    Who is still here excited for LP10?

    ... I thought KID A was a bit weird
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    i don't know if i'll ever revisit as a full album in its delivered tracklisting, actually, but i'm pretty damn likely to revisit individual tracks (especially the two bonuses) except for TLW, which the IMBW version is still my go-to.
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    Also, this isn't the first time people assumed Radiohead were nearing the end. There were so many posts in 2008 talking about how Videotape was their goodbye to their fans and they were going to hang it up after the In Rainbows tour. Didn't happen. During the long wait between TKOL and AMSP, lots of people assumed the band would go their separate ways. Again, it didn't happen. Five plus years seems to be their standard interval between albums now - so LP10 in 2021, LP11 in 2026, LP12 in 2031 is perfectly plausible. I won't believe that Radiohead are going to end until I hear it from the band themselves. If you think this is over, then you're (probably) wrong
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    you could print off this email and make an origami mug out of it tbh

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