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  1. Skuj

    The Smile: the new album

    Anyway, the more I listen to this, the more I love it. Goddammit Thom sounds amazing - he's 54, right? And here we are, 30ish years after RH's first releases, and this work is still compelling. I hate to admit this - I had no clue that Thom/Jonny did this until I visited this nearly dead forum. And I consider myself to be "up" on music releases. (Sheesh, it's part of my fucking job!) 😄 Is this album more Thom than Jonny or vice versa? I am having immense fun trying to decide this. For me, this is upper third RH. I know it is not technically RH, but Mick and Keith are not technically the Stones, and yet, here we are!! 🤣
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