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    trump presidency megathread

    so will it be called orangeland then
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    walter ego

    I HATE seedless watermelon

    Popcorn time
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    I know! Wasp stings really hurt:( Also I bought a washing machine a few months ago and it has a button for Blood and one for Wine. When did domestic life become so macabre?
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    This might be my final bug story. I got a professional exterminator service to join me on the battlefield and IT IS ON. I didn’t want it to come to this. I thought we could learn to live together. I don’t want to harm nature and I appreciate the diversity of life but they are destroying my home. There is a new ant, they find every tiny hole in the wall and come in and fan out and keep nesting in the laundry. They bit me! I went outside to find their point of entry and seal it off and as soon as I started to caulk they attacked me and I could not even see their hive/hill, it was a coordinated stealth attack. Then I freaked out a little and yelled which caused an insect commotion and suddenly all these moths and wasps flew up out of the grass and started swarming and I ran away and ran right into a wasp swarm and got stung again. Remarkably, I made it back to the house (through a swarm of mosquitos of course) and immediately called an exterminator. I paid for a year of service and told them to nuke the site from orbit.
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    party woo


    Spoon was great, I just can’t figure out how I never listened to their music before. I like Cage and they are popular here, they both played here a few years ago and came back again for another show which is a surprise. I think cage was a little too edgy for Florida this time which seems weird to say about them, but I liked it and Beck was good too and I’m not even a fan of his but his show is fun. No doubt Beck was drawing immense power due to the proximity of ... The Church.👽
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    The Tennis Thread

    Using similar logic I thought it was funny that Scottish men wear kilts like it's their business and Scottish women enjoy more typical and modern fashion in the same settings where kilts get worn. Like did only men in Scotland get "traditional" attire? I'd posit that kilts have only survived because they're fun and plenty of men subconsciously want to wear dresses. But so much of being Scottish is being silly ("I'll take a wee dram of ...). I get the impression Scots do not take themselves too seriously and I appreciate it. Tennis players on the other hand are very serious. That being said I watched this very serious tennis moment a couple days ago and was completely moved. https://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/27510249/naomi-osaka-coco-gauff-teach-lesson-humility-sportsmanship
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    The Tennis Thread

    i still can't stand the tennis skirt. i was traumatised as a kid. i loathe the tennis skirt. everybody's wearing shorts underneath anyways. if it's really an aesthetic choice on the part of players, i think all players should start wearing all kinds of costumes, why not, not just the female costume. capes, wigs, stilts and worm buffets. do female athletes in 100m sprint wear a skirt? no, they don't. maybe tennis is just as much a parade as soccer/football is partly made out to be. all in the hair gel. yet it isn't. thank you taylor townsend and others for wearing shorts this year.
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    Who is still here excited for LP10?

    ... I thought KID A was a bit weird
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    Who is still here excited for LP10?

    I think AMSP is easily their worst since OKC, but then I think TKOL is great so don't listen to me
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    Thom Yorke's other side projects

    You must be all overt his one eh, jazzo fiend. I look forward to spinning this record on a rainy day.
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    . . . You see back in 2017, when women were ants and men were termites, the hurricanes would blow through town like a party thong, and we were good and happy for it! We were running out of toilet paper and pop tarts, and the store was two blocks away down hill, so I tied an onion to my belt which was the style at the time . . .
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    Is it the type of storm that comes before the termite invasion stories? Hang on to your thong, party p.!
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    I Am Afraid Of Spaghetti

    Projected flight path of the spaghetti monster?
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    Tom Terry is doing the weather right and he has his jacket off. That’s like defcon 4. Seems early for this and we still have 4 more days. If he rolls up his sleeves, take cover.
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    The Tennis Thread

    best week to be on sick leave is def during the us open qualifiers, tbh. i got to watch tennis all day, and different players than the usual players we see aaaaaall the time. seriously, nice mix of old and young players, new tantrums, interactions with the coaches, no challenges, management of time between points, AC on the courts, and three-set matches for everyone. it's just so much tennis i'm in heaven. well it's raining now ...
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    I hate having to deal with people for this reason alone, my dad is the WORST for this. Maybe they just really liked GTA San Andreas.
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    jonathan merged me back with tmonk, but it was "Beloved Aunt" which I think is a curb your enthusiasm reference and had one post which must've been a doozy of a joke since I made a whole account and burned my IRL email address to make it
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    i don't know if i'll ever revisit as a full album in its delivered tracklisting, actually, but i'm pretty damn likely to revisit individual tracks (especially the two bonuses) except for TLW, which the IMBW version is still my go-to.
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    Tmonk, getting mistaken for spam since 2004.
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    how good are blink 182

    what are your favorite baha men deep cuts
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    It makes me sick that you would do this all over an internet crush. And I'm fucking Jeffrey Dahmer, I should know about sick things. You've crossed the line.
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    walter ego

    Jonathan are you there?

    It is working for now!
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    I'm upset about the limits but this is very nice, indeed.
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    Where to go after MT?

    i kind of like the idea of a ghost ship mt, just cruising on forever, echoes of good times in the air. actually, thats really depressing.

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