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  2. Also, this isn't the first time people assumed Radiohead were nearing the end. There were so many posts in 2008 talking about how Videotape was their goodbye to their fans and they were going to hang it up after the In Rainbows tour. Didn't happen. During the long wait between TKOL and AMSP, lots of people assumed the band would go their separate ways. Again, it didn't happen. Five plus years seems to be their standard interval between albums now - so LP10 in 2021, LP11 in 2026, LP12 in 2031 is perfectly plausible. I won't believe that Radiohead are going to end until I hear it from the band themselves. If you think this is over, then you're (probably) wrong
  3. There's still plenty of activity and enthusiasm on the band's subreddit. That's where the energy has gone. MT was down for a long time - naturally interest is going to diminish in a board that wasn't functional for an extended period of time. Same with Atease.
  4. I haven't been on MT in ages. I like the new look. I don't necessarily think we're at the end of Radiohead's lifespan - they could have another 10, 15 or 20 years in them, if we're lucky. We could get another three albums from them. Twelve albums like The Beatles would be a good number to go out on (yes, I'm counting Magical Mystery Tour). They haven't slowed down - they've consistently worked at an almost feverish pace, especially considering their solo projects in addition to their work with Radiohead. A Moon Shaped Pool was incredible, ANIMA was amazing, and their enthusiasm for creativity and music has not waned one iota. LP10 will feel different than previous album cycles - there are fewer older songs to speculate about. We have our Present Tenses and our Lifts and Man of Wars finally all released. Here's a speculative, potential tracklist for LP10 - I hope you like the idea. I used the remaining unreleased songs that might have a chance, and song titles from the old blackboard. Radiohead - Through the Ice Released October 21, 2021 LP10 by Radiohead, produced by Nigel Godrich 1 - Porous 2 - Follow Me Around 3 - Bodies Laughing 4 - I Lie Awake 5 - Fifths 6 - Come to Your Senses 7 - Skirting on the Surface 8 - I Froze Up 9 - Cut a Hole 10 - Birds of Prey
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  6. It's because you're using a new account. Older accounts have react privileges.
  7. chroma


    I have always wanted to go to the garlic festival but it coincides with a special family date so we always pass. it sounds like it would be fun tho. i know what you mean about the smell, tho - at giants games its a tossup what smells worse - the garlic fries or all the beer that inevitably gets spilled all over. anyways we never went when we lived there but we really did only live there 1 summer when i was a kid - the only thing i remember about that was having swimming lessons, which were great cuz it was so blazing hot all the time. my daughter is going to Humboldt right now, and there is a problem there in Arcata with meth addicts, plus a town nearby that is supposedly a hotbed of kkk people. they're all coming out of the woodwork now, thanks probably to trump. but i think everywhere you go there's going to be a degree of that problem. we can't let it keep us from being where we need or want to be - honestly, people need especially go to those places and re-establish a level of decency that's being driven out by the hateful.
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    Did you ever go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival? I hear about it all the time but people act like it’s just a joke. I think the garlic smell would be too strong for me, it’s hard for me to be by a place that even sells garlic fries... 😰 A lot of people are moving to Oregon now. I’ve heard Oregon and Washington have a lot of white supremacists, which is really sad, ‘cuz it’s a beautiful place, but I guess most places north of here is mostly meth addicts/white supremacists outside of the major cities. I don’t know how true it really is.
  10. I always do this because my computer chair is busted up and sinks down to the lowest setting, and since I’m not a hobbit, it’s really uncomfortable. I’ve been thinking of getting a bar stool to use instead. 🤔 Also, I can’t figure out how to heart react, every time I tap on it, it just tells me who liked it.
  11. Oh yeah a couple of my friends adore that game. In reality my GOTY so far is Dark Souls again
  12. i'd recommend it to almost any MTer or message board user. it's a lot of fun oh and i forgot Outer Wilds, that one's pretty cool too.
  13. chroma


    yeah i always feel a little uncomfortable about location. usually will just say the general area, or even just nor cal. truthfully, i've lived in a lot of different towns in the bay area all my life, so its honest to just say sfbay area. my parents moved often when i was growing up, but always within this area - the furthest away they went was gilroy for a whole summer. my step-papa was a rolling stone. wherever he laid his hat . . . anyways, we've been talking about moving out of state in like 10 years or so. maybe oregon. maybe somewhere else. needs to be a coastline, tho.
  14. sleepy jack


    i don't like say my actual location, but i was thinking of how to put myself on the members map. i thought... where should i put? so i went with my home town, in the spot where i would go hiking, where there was always a red-tailed hawk, where i saw the ghost of a native american. i was happy in that spot. and i just now learnt that it's called indian head. i think the hawk, and the indian's ghost are somehow related. it's funny because i don't even believe in ghosts, and i tell people, all the time, that ghosts aren't real. but in my mind i'm thinking, 'except for all the times i saw the ghost of the indian.' so that's my spot.
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    sleepy jack

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  17. i'm always at the very least intrigued in a new radiohead/rh-related project so there'll at least be that i think Moon-Shape is really good so not much reason for me not to be lookin' forward to the next (i really should get on those last coupla Thom solo records tho)
  18. Always sittin' on my damn feet for at least 30 min while boarding hard and got damn if it doesn't get me out my chair for at least a handful of 10-second moments! heart-react if u rel8
  19. Had to look it up, but I've seen a video about this and it looks great! Don't generally play PC games but maybe I'll play it
  20. did anyone else play hypnospace outlaw? its cool i too got stuck on baba is you
  21. Bruh Moment #1 The job title says "entry level." I click on it. The job posting says, "Must have 5+ years relevant experience." I look into the camera like I'm on the Office, which I'm not... because I'm unemployed.
  22. Wil

    Games of 2019

    RE2 was pretty awesome i really like baba is you but i got so stuck i never finished it doom eternal is out this year so ill let you know once that comes out
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