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  2. Plans for the weekend? I must start prepping for a trip (cat sitting, yard and house); do some work; go to taiji; do my balance exercises; build a bird house; bicycle repairs; recording music My big event of the day was to cancel my order at the restaurant when I realised they were broadcasting rodeo. I don't know if I would have done that a few years ago, and I wonder why, because it is unbearable. I never liked rodeo and always considered it was animal torture for the pleasure of a few idiots with a cowboy hat.
  3. i suppose there a ok seedless watermelons and bad seeded watermelons... although it's a pretty consistent fruit. i just want a choice.
  4. I was riding along a residential street today up this three way intersection. I did not have a stop sign. I saw a car stop at the stop sign on my right hand side, and slowed down, anticipating the usual, ie, the worst. The lady almost went to a complete stop, looked to her right first - wrong, but predictable - then to her left, so I started thinking "Surely, now she saw me.", and she went ahead and almost hit me. I had to slam the brakes to avoid her. She kept driving and turned onto my street, oh so convenient, and carried on further up before parking on the wrong side of said street. When I caught up to her, I was panting, because the street is uphill, she said something along the lines of "May I help you?". I remained civil and explained and she apologized profusely and asked if I was alright and it was alright although she was probably taking the piss, I dunno... But then I lost her, because she said "I'm surprised you're not wearing a helmet!", almost chipper, and I had to hold back big time. It was my first time someone was uttering these words after they just about maimed me. A new feeling. A new wave. Hands off the handle bar. I glide in the dark through the bullshit. Hard foam and plastic. Good to go. Jesus fucking shite.
  5. i dunno sleepyjack - this summer we had the best watermelon i've had in years. and it was seedless. *shrug*
  6. watermelon might be my favorite snack. but it has to be seedless! i dont even eat the white seeds.
  7. I didn't grow up with much watermelon around. In Europe, watermelon is a foreign food I think. Once here in Canada I was helping organise a neighbourhood bbq and was given the task to cut watermelon and to put the pieces in a bowl, and I ended up peeling the shell too, I DIDN'T KNOW. Then someone finally told me to leave the skin on because it made it way easier for people to grab and eat. oh my god celine dion go away from my morning radio show, what a dunce you are/pauvre t√Ęche
  8. I'm sorry I'm laughing. Sounds rough though. I am whining about a few wasps. It's a survival issue. Give it all you can.
  9. THE FUCK? This place is back? Did NOT expect this
  10. Earlier
  11. Popcorn ceilings! I am repairing part of mine this weekend. Would love to get rid of it completely but I have bigger projects to move on to. 90s house, poorly done drywall, ridiculous "open" floorplan, and the poporn ceiling is meant to cover up these design flaws. I don't mind the spiders too much. They kill other annoying pests for me so it's cool. I do wish they would not walk on the popcorn ceiling and just stay away from the corners and edges of it because you can't dust cobwebs that touch the popcorn texture. I tried to dust my ceiling and it just made a bunch of tiny dust bunnies that I can't get off and now the ceiling is dirty.
  12. When I got my last job, I was so busy all of the time and exhausted by how long it took for me to get there (two hours) and the hours were different from everyone else I know (1:30-10:00) and I think I ended up growing apart from most of my friends. When I got home and ate dinner and started to relax it was like 11PM, and I would go to bed around 2AM, and then get up at 10AM to get ready for work, so I ended up mostly talking to and doing things with my coworkers. Now I haven't been working there since January and I don't really talk to any of them anymore either. I feel pretty lonely most of the time. But the thing that actually bothers me is how I feel like I've just ended up growing apart from basically all of my friends. I wish I could just start talking to people and have it be like the good ol' times, but I know in my heart of hearts that everyone's moved on! It's a weird feeling... I guess this is just what happens when you grow up!
  13. So it happens across various devices and browers? That's odd. Have you tried using a new or different account? Does 2007-2014 count?
  14. Holy moly, party woo. Remember that "INFESTED!" show? It sounds like you're living through one of the episodes. Good luck! The other day, a spider was crawling on the ceiling towards my bed, and it's stupid popcorn ceiling (stupid Boomers) so I had to hit it with Raid... and it fell... and promptly disappeared. I wasn't sure if I should go to bed because what if it knew? What if it was now pissed off? What if it wanted revenge? Hope the exterminator comes through.
  15. just looked up a couple recent setlists, wondering what the hell a Beck set would even look like at this point. I'm guessing the logic was to keep somewhat in theme with the "party" nature of that newest album (which i actually kinda like) leaving out stuff from Sea Change and even big ol' grammy-winning Mourning Phase. looks like a fun show 4 sure
  16. I know! Wasp stings really hurt:( Also I bought a washing machine a few months ago and it has a button for Blood and one for Wine. When did domestic life become so macabre?
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