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  3. I knew it was a long shot, but it’s killing me and I can’t find this song anywhere on the internet
  4. heh heh my work here is done!
  5. you could offer people free tokens! TOKENS! they could use (or lose!)
  6. I am stoned i'm fond of throwing stones! uh Uh ohhhh! OHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!
  7. Eraser stands up. Thom had things to say, needed to stretch. Anima is growing on me, but I treat it as a really good environmental album. Those synths remind me of Boards of Canada and my childhood so I'm a sucker. As for AMSP being 128th... we've probably spent more time giving half a shit here than Radiohead have collectively.
  8. https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/12/radiohead-entire-discography-youtube-stream/
  9. I used to like Eraser more than In Rainbows and I've now returned to that feeling. Listening the day after the UK election, it resonated as if it was just made. I forgot Thom was capable of that level of music, lyrics and commitment. Anima has virtually nothing to express, all I ever remember about it is Thom's pronunciation of moshi moshi which it sounds like he worked pretty hard on.
  10. nice to see ya. one easy idea: it would be nice to have a link to GP on every MT page -- up top, on the bottom near the FB & Twitter links, both maybe. make it easy to jump to GP from MT. i think anyone who knows about GP knows the lyrics page. any time i want to look up lyrics, it has always been there. needs minimal updating but is as steady and reliable as the tides. i think that's a good area to keep tidy. there are of course other lyrics sites, but GP is nicely indexed and dedicated to radiohead. a side wiki of fan interpretations would be nice too but maybe too much work and might need too much oversight. you could also make a page for users to submit news items. although i suppose that would require a lot of oversight too. another idea would be to create a page with indexed embedded videos from youtube and vimeo. could start with the albums and post all the videos made for each album -- and then an index of live gigs. and the webcasts. the reason it would be better than youtube is because youtube always tries to distract you with something else and drag you down the rabbit hole. this would keep people on track and would be easier to navigate and search. so... 2 easy suggestions and 2 difficult ones.
  11. A message from Green Plastic creator Jonathan: I rarely check site visits and logs so I have no idea if anyone still visits this site. For those of you reading this, you may have noticed I have changed the look. I wish I could say that this was done out of some motivation to get things going again, but truth be told, the WordPress theme I was using no longer worked. So, I switched to the default theme*. A screenshot from 2000 This site had a good run from 1997 to around 2012/13 when life got a bit too hectic for me. With the rise of social media and sites like Reddit, who foster communities and fans much better than I ever did, it felt like this site no longer served a purpose. So I stopped updating and it’s been sitting frozen ever since. My old links page. Where did everyone go? I periodically would think about updating, especially when Radiohead would release an album. The OK Computer mini disc hack earlier this year sent me into a spiral of nostalgia. I started this site in the months prior to OK Computer’s release and can still remember the excitement and build up. I even had thoughts of bringing the site back in some new form, but just as before, life got in the way. Screenshot of an early page with Real Audio (!) downloads. Screen resolutions weren’t very big back then, kids. So, as we begin a new decade, I wanted to start thinking about a new way of pumping some life back into this dormant place. I’m not interested in trying be a source for the latest Radiohead news. There are plenty of other places for that. But I would like to find some way to honor the history of this site while still being an active member and contributor to the Radiohead community. If you have any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them. Please feel free to leave them in the comments. News page from 1998. Yikes. Thank you to everyone that has ever visited this site. *In updating the theme to a “modern” one, there are pages that are broken. Please bear with me as I attempt to fix. View the full article
  12. So I realize it’s been 15 years, but did you ever find out who that was? Because I’ve had that song stuck in my head for a good 20 now. Or whenever Napster was in its heyday. I downloaded it because someone named it as Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” which it definitely wasn’t. But dammit, that song was great and I just want to hear it again.
  13. unlike rice! he spelled brassil wrong!
  14. i'm … going... HUNTING i'm The Hunter 😐 😕
  15. I had a dream last night that made me remember this place. I figured it was gone (and it was for a while, but I see it got revived, and is dying). Radiohead had released a double album, 10 songs per side. Which yeah, should've been the first red flag. I only heard bits from songs, cause dreams. The whole album was very electronic, and had almost an EDM vibe. One song even had the four on the flour beat. Yet it all sounded like Radiohead. The expanse in sound made me nostalgic for the 'they did WHAT now?' response to past albums. It somehow worked. It was filled with lush synths. It still had a bit of melancholy to it, but overall, it was warm, and accepting (I also hate this sentence, look, it sounded great). I had one song which I could hear more clearly, and kept on repeat for a while cause I loved it so much. I do not recollect if it was the same song, but for one of them the vocal melody was comparable to Thom's cover of 'All For The Best'. I know this reads like a parody post at this point, but sadly it's not. The closest thing I have for comparison to how it sounded is maybe certain songs on Soundtracks For The Blind, but it sounded more distinct and fully formed as to be so reductive by describing it like that. I woke up too early and went back to sleep, but still remembered somewhat when I got out of bed. Found out this place still is up, at least. So this is the post were 'getting old' Ed O'Brien gets nostalgic about the days were Radiohead albums were an event. Thank you all for the hype days and listening to these. Maybe one day they'll return, who knows, but it was a good one. Not being in nostalgic standstill, and even though I found out there was sadly no precog involved here, I hadn't heard Thom's latest solo album, and it's good.
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