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  2. the b-sides are (mostly) available on the "amnesiette" so i'd be kinda surprised if that wasn't the version that actually does hit streaming services, etc that said the exclusions on the b-side tape itself are baffling, no Kinetic??? anyway, when all's said & done i kinda wish i'd just grabbed one of those red vinyl pre-orders, since i actually don't own Kid or Amnesiac in any of their previous "wax" forms guess i'll just be hangin' out on discogs a little while in November or whenever!
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  4. i'm assuming that the b-sides thing (some, but not all, are on the tape) is a victim of them not doing any remastering while wanting to promote the outtakes as a new record: if I'm reading the email right, 'Kid Amnesiae' is the name of that record, which happens to be attached to what's basically just a deluxe reissue of Kid A & Amnesiac. if this 'new album' is indeed a cohesive sounding listen, then it might make sense that the b-sides aren't muddying the water. so we'll see. with 95%+ of everything i ever listened to or ever will currently retailing at £9.99 a month, my huge cd collection is recently feeling like a ludicrously expensive assortment of antique coasters. back in my day you had to get a bus into town and snatch up the singles pretty sharpish and if you didn't, you never got to hear this shit. i have no idea how young music fans today are supposed to achieve that glorious 'i'm in a cult' feeling via the spotify search bar, but at least they weren't relying on this release to hear Trans-Atlantic Drawl.
  5. Who cares about the extra tracks. Did you know that Thom Yorke says comments to cats designed to undermine their confidence? Lana Del Rey would never purposely undermine a cat’s confidence.
  6. just admit it. you had your Caps Lock on and that's why your password didn't work. no shame man. these things happen.
  7. It would have added a forth disc which would drive up the price of the package and make it less accessible. It woulda been nice if they had been there, I agree, but the new stuff is the shit I really care about
  8. (Capitol Records must be pissing themselves with laughter. Radiohead saw fit to not include the 8 b-sides on their 20th anniversary release, thereby rendering Capitol's Special Edition the go-to source for said tracks.)
  9. Aw jeez, I really don't care about the "ban"/glitch/whatever. I think it is baffling that those 7 (or 8 if you count the extended Life In A Glass House) are not a part of this set. Sure, I can get them elsewhere - especially on that Capitol Records release that Radiohead had no part of. But how do those b-sides justify being left out of the 20th anniversary celebration? How hard would it have been to add them (30ish minutes) to the 34min of unreleased stuff? I think this oversight is a showstopper for me. I'll play the unreleased stuff on youtube or whatever, but I will not get this incomplete 20th anniversary set.
  10. In answer to Skuj's question, I'm not pissed off about the lack of b-sides because they're available elsewhere and I'm happy for the effort to be spent on unreleased stuff
  11. as far as i can tell skuj is not banned. maybe something is glitchy for him.
  12. Wait what? Was Skuj somehow accidentally banned along with nowhere or am I missing something I’m not planning to buy this so it doesn’t affect me they didn’t include the original bsides but it’s an odd choice I was happy to hear the previously unreleased track tho
  13. wait... did you really get banned? just noticed the timeline.
  14. You are most probably not banned. When the board was revived, something happened with the passwords. If you want to get your old account back, you can contact jonathan and ask for his assistance. it's been quite a while since he's been here, so individual results may vary. it may take awhile, or it may not happen. but that's the avenue to take. i'm not sure if you were mentioned here or on slack, but i did predict that you were due for a vist, so welcome back! if you post or send me an email address i would send you a slack invite right away. that community is still pretty active and welcoming of all MT'ers.
  15. Hello. 1. I started this thread. But now I seem to be "banned". Hence this new handle. 2. I confess to not having read all posts, so I may be missing some important details. 3. Am I the only one who is extremely pissed off that all of the original b-sides are not included in this set? (Or maybe I am missing something as per para 2?)
  16. You'd like the tapes to play them, or just for collecting?
  17. Earlier
  18. I'm really torn about buying the limited edition. should i ????
  19. I'm interested in whatever Stan and Thom wrote during the making ofs, that is not scribbled. And the b-sides. And a different vinyl set up. Not big into the "KID A MNESIAC" branding, but it's pretty logical so I don't think they put much effort into it.
  20. its all about that third disc
  21. I've gone for the Hardback Art Catalogue, which looks intriguing. I really don't need more copies of the existing Kid A and Amnesiac, so I'll wait for options on the 'new' Kid Amnesiae disc.
  22. it's also pretty tight that the vinyl reissues have got kid a and amnesiac on single LP. Kid A in particular DOESN'T WORK on the currently existing 2 x lp formats, having to flip it over between title track and national anthem and in limbo and idioteque kills the flow. somewhat disappointing there isn't an everything package for the completist i'll probably get the cream triple big book though. much love to all drawn back here by radiohead news. forever in our thoughts xx.
  23. that is pretty cool hopefully now we get a Kid Amnesia Monopoly set with like minotaur and pyramid playing pieces
  24. Oh also they just announced a virtual exhibition for the PlayStation 5
  25. Obviously this place is largely dead now anyway but man I'm glad that guy is banned. The idea of coming in here to say 'This reissue looks cool' only to be met with paragraphs and paragraphs of pointless negativity was kind of a drag. Anyway The reissue looks cool!!
  26. i pre-ordered it. and the book thingy. still a fan. edit - wow i earned a newbie badge for making this post! huzzah!
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