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  2. shit i first thought this was a Suspiria thing
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  4. 16 pages of posts... I have been waiting and waiting, checking daily, hourly, praying that one day OP would finally calculate and share the results as promised. 7 years I've waited... 7 years of disappointment. 7 years of betrayal. I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust another human being again. The psychological damage this has caused me is beyond repair. Just to be able to write this post, to have gathered my wits to this extent, has cost me so much in therapy appointments and psychiatric treatment that I am now bankrupt, destitute... Yet I am still far from a sound mental state. And this is all because of OP's blithe neglect, I assure you. Before I had the misfortune of participating in this farcical testament to the pointlessness of all human endeavor, I was a cheerful man, an optimistic man, capable of love and trust in my fellow human being. How naive and foolish I was. At this point, I can only offer my bitter, bitter thanks to OP for disabusing me of all notions of human worth... of the value in anything really, when it can be torn away from you so heartlessly. I hope it was worth it, OP. I hope whatever time you saved, by not bothering to give the participants of this poll the basic satisfaction of knowing the final result... I hope that was time well spent... For it opened up within me a gaping black chasm, an empty abyss where once I found meaning. But then again, I know now that hope is a mistake.
  5. AMSP is a real weird one for me. It's got one of my least favourite Radiohead songs on it with Identikit, but also has Daydreaming, Decks Dark, Glass Eyes, Present Tense, True Love Waits, etc. It just hasn't stuck with me the way the others have. It's possible that's partly down to feelings attached to the time it came out, 2016 was a particularly dramatic year of my life and AMSP is very tied to all that, so I think I repressed a lot of attachment period
  6. Thanks for talking about the Suspiria soundtrack. I only gave it a couple of listens so far, and I actuall haven't made through the whole thing both times. I am lazy with swapping the vinyls. As a listener, I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to exploring RH or Thom material. Even though I don't hold much hope that I will ever really care about AMSP the way I do about the other albums. Anima, though, I feel like I have only brushed up the surface, at most. As for The Smile material, I don't feel very excited by what I heard so far, but out of habit, I preordered it.
  7. I dunno, I'm still invested in Radiohead albums, but I don't have the mental energy to keep up with side projects. I think I heard Eraser and I think I downloaded something else, I dunno what (I vaguely remember seeing "Amok" but not remembering if that's a song title or album or what) and never listening to it. I think it's because as time goes on I like Thom and Jonny less and less as people, roff
  8. I see what you mean about AMSP being kind of a sad note to leave on, but at the same time it feels like such a 'goodbye' album to me. It's far from my favourite RH album but it fits, I think. I do agree that the sequencing on ALFAA is a bit off, a few too many slow songs compared to fast songs, and that's something Radiohead have always nailed. As for Thom's stuff, I think he's generally gotten better over time. The Eraser and Amok, while great, feel like he's still trying to figure stuff out. I think Tomorrow's Modern Boxes and Anima sound really confident and solid, and I've been obsessed with his Suspiria soundtrack lately, which I intentionally ignored until seeing the film (which is also great)
  9. Man I totally forgot about I Froze Up. Maybe on the HTTT 20th anniversary lolol I liked Skirting a lot when they played it on the TKOL tour in 2012 but I hadn’t listened to it for a while. Loved The Smile version immediately, and when I went back to the 2012 version I was floored with how different and sparse it was. It was good, but it’s holy shit good on this album, a definite 10
  10. FWIW, I don't really think ALFAA resets the clock at all. Thom and Jonny are restless and I think if the band decided to make music, they wouldn't have to wait long for those guys I think it's probably true that an RH album would have existed with many of these songs in different versions. I think Colin would have added a lot and presumably Ed would have worked his atmospherics magic. And the sequencing feels a little wonky to me in a way most RH albums don't, but that could be my overfamiliarity with the singles Yeah I am mostly with you, though Thom's solo releases have never satisfied the Radiohead itch for me. I liked Anima a lot, but it's definitely a different vibe. The 20th anniversary releases, though, and particularly the Exhibition were pretty nice I feel the same way about Radiohead and I'm sure a lot of this is us getting older and having more important things going on in life, and how long can you really obsess over a band anyways? But I've been more jacked up for The Smile release than anything since AMSP, and if Radiohead do indeed return at some point I will end up pretty giddy. But they certainly have nothing left to prove and if the pressure of a Radiohead release is more than they want to deal with at this point in their lives, I can't hold that against them. As much as I liked AMSP, though, I'd love it if they went out with something more optimistic. But there's always In Rainbows, and there's a kind of perfection to True Love Waits being their last official album song
  11. Pretty much agreed. I recall thinking, back in the IR days, about how long they would realistically keep going as a band, and producing music of that quality. I was hoping for another 2 albums - with one more at the level of IR - and I think that ended up happening (at least with AMSP). If The Smile is a new incarnation, or variations of it, based on Thom and Jonny (with Nigel and Stanley in the mix too), then frankly that's as close to an ongoing RH presence as it's possible to get (short of the whole band). Even, as you say, records like Anima, which to me was stunning.
  12. Considering how long ago AMSP was, I feel like I've been eating well regardless. Yeah, there's The Smile, but Thom's been pretty prolific too, Susperia and Anima have been on pretty constant rotation. Throw in a seemingly steady flow of 20th anniversary releases and there's not much to complain about really. On a more personal level, while I still love Radiohead a lot and listen to them a lot, I feel like the Radiohead era of life has come to a close and that's okay. They meant and mean a lot to me but they've done their job at this point
  13. Also, it's nice to have that and Open The Floodgates see the light of day but where the fuck is I Froze Up goddamnit
  14. Man, I didn't appreciate how good Skrting On The Surface was before. It's absolutely stunning
  15. Yeah - it's more like looking forward to LP11 now - ALFAA is effectively LP10. And that puts the time 'cycle' back to 0 - so we're counting from now, not the release of AMSP. So, potentially a number of years. The real Q is whether the rest of RH will come together for an 'official' RH, or we have more The Smile-type projects, maybe with different additional members. Personally I'm not that fussed if the results are as good as ALFAA. You gave an estimate of 90% of the quality of a RH album - I'd say more like 95%, with the only difference being additional layers, and perhaps the effect of using a jazz drummer (which was basically a positive to my ears!). Produced by Nigel, artwork by Stanley, written by Thom with heavy input by Jonny on a number of tracks. How much different would it really have sounded? And by the way, I think it's brilliant. White Flag is probably the only track that's less than excellent, and sounds a little like an out-take from Anima. But otherwise consistently excellent - up there with the 2nd tier of RH albums - although not (for me) the top 4.
  16. When AMSP came out, and for a while after, I was pretty sure it wouldn't be Radiohead's last album. Six years later and especially with the advent of The Smile, it seems likely that it was. I suppose everyone involved is leaving the door open, but it's not worth holding out a lot of hope at this point. All that to say, I am for all intents and purposes considering A Light for Attracting Attention to be LP10. Thom and Jonny together are good enough that if they keep making music, I'll be happy enough without proper Radiohead. Jonny recently said he's wished the albums could be 90% as good and twice as frequent, and ALFAA at least seems to fulfill the first half of that. And that's a trade I'd take even if I had a choice. It's a bit weird to be posting this here at this point with the board nearly dead, but it has been bummer to be jacked up for The Smile album over the last few days without being able to discuss it here with the old community. It's made me appreciate, even more, how much this place added to the enjoyment of new Radiohead releases.
  17. Yeah man, Thin Thing is awesome, I love the guitar I think the ones that stand out to me are the same as from the live show, but of course the production here is fantastic. I do miss the guitar crunch from the end of the live version of We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings, though Maybe Thom and Jonny can more regularly release music in this form
  18. Cool album, I think it perhaps drags a bit by the end but there's some real bangers on there. Thin Thing fucking rules
  19. LMAO i shared the wrong folder. That's my Radiohead unreleased, not Thom https://mega.nz/folder/D4ohGaqA#ugvKsaTGWYdpppZ9_2GOZQ
  20. I don't see honey pot in your folder though. Is it under a different name?
  21. "a remix of All I need, that I didn't know what to do with"...
  22. I'm too poor to hear the rerelease
  23. 21 days later & mine are still the latest posts? christ! jesus! christmas!
  24. Pretty weird that they’ve managed to release five singles while they’ve gotten their shit together with the release. I wonder what the story is there. I’d be tempted to move this thread to the main forum page since this is for all probable intents and purposes going forward, Radiohead
  25. album preorders up! https://store-us.thesmiletheband.com/ sorry just realised thats only the us store. don't have a link for other, but surely someone will supply.
  26. Hi all, Dunno how active this message board is but I figured I'd share a coupla mixes I put together some years ago that y'all may appreciate. First up is a collection of unreleased tracks (disc 1), early versions of released tracks (disc 2), and various covers (disc 3) Radiohead's done over the years. Might've missed some, lemme know if I have. https://mega.nz/folder/PxADwI7Z#65tJcjKqdB-7Bv34hK9u5Q Next is a similar collection of solo Thom stuff; not any covers here so just unreleased / early versions. Disc 2 here comprises the tracks used for various Rag & Bone shows over the years. https://mega.nz/folder/D4ohGaqA#ugvKsaTGWYdpppZ9_2GOZQ Last, I combed through the leaked minidiscs and compiled all of the new stuff as well as early versions of tracks. I left some of the tracks exactly as they appeared on the minidiscs, but there are a few that I cleaned up the start and / or end of in Audacity (for example, to remove clipping, the sound of Thom adjusting the mic, or maybe just to fade a track in or out if it felt appropriate). There are also a handful of tracks for which there were multiple, distinct takes that I chose from and spliced together to form a single, cohesive track (noted in the MP3’s comment section). Also marked with an asterisk are songs which had only one take but, in my opinion, still needed splicing (e.g. Thom flubs a chord and pauses momentarily or there's a blip in the tape). Hopefully this is acceptable; I wanted to create a smooth, listenable mix and tried my best to take cues from the boys themselves on what the desired outcome might’ve been for them. For each disc, the songs are in the order that they appeared in the full set. I included two versions of Attenzione! (one was a soundcheck and the other was a studio demo; both sounded distinct enough to warrant inclusion) and Poison (one was an early mix of Exit Music and LiaGH, one was just Exit Music). Some early versions had, as one would expect, multiple versions; I tried to choose the take which either sounded like the earliest incarnation of the track or the one which simply sounded the best, it depends case-by-case. Also, there are a few which appear both as Thom solo demos and full band demos - for these, I included both. https://mega.nz/folder/XkAU3T6T#vv4tYvlOfmDmHsaYU1XuOw Hope you all enjoy!
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