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  2. They rejected Spotify at a time when it was becoming the essential place to listen to new music and I think that made them easy to forget about
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  4. Ed's house in his Earth making of video reminded me of the Parasite one and the rich pianist's house in La teta asustada.
  5. kill him, sarah! USE YOUR GLOVE! Detach him from Datach'i ! mMales and Femme Mammalians!
  6. thom is definitrly a white album fan. i mean, when you think about it, the white album is the most eclectic beatles album .....and thom is the most eclectuc member of radiohead...... except maybe jonny.... but he was born in 1971!!!
  7. I was at that gig, middle night of three in punchestown a few days after kid a was released. What a night. Kildare not Dublin though, Radiohead need to be more accurate with their archiving.
  8. I know this gets said all the time, but when they announced this the first thought through my mind is they're archiving all their stuff before they officially split
  9. i'm watching the Dublin tent show now. with thom's definitive version of TNA. also a great HTDC. up to morning bell now. pretty sweet halcyon days. but 20 years later it's still exciting to see.
  10. i just learnt that there was a video for fitter happier that got scrubbed but it's out there. this page has the most backstory. https://archive.org/details/radioheadfitterhappierunreleasedvideo
  11. i love it. it means they are creating hype for a new album maybe, or more probably a retrospective reissue.
  12. Jigsaw with the cameras on helmet bikes is hilarious. Ed doesn't seem convinced.
  13. a lot of that stuff was amazing. it was just a really cool, unique intimate look at the band when they did those webcasts. i remember being on here and streaming the webcasts and talking about them. such good times.
  14. It definitely is in it ;0) https://www.radiohead.com/library#ir/2009-08-23-live-in-prague
  15. It's possible that . . . . . . I implied that I went to the Radiohead Public Library and watched the Radiohead performances in my post above. I actually watched Entanglement, Thumbs Down, Scotch Mist and Live In Praha on YouTube. My post mentions the email about the Radiohead Public Library only because it just happened. I have not yet checked out the Radiohead Public Library. I don't have time right now.
  16. yea got this notification and haven't had time yet to properly peruse, just bookmarked it for later. should be pretty cool
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