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  2. I'm liking the song a lot more after recent listens - lyrically very good too.
  3. The song rules imo, I wasn't expecting them to go in this direction
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  5. There's another version of Free in the knowledge on YT, and a few more tit bits on IG. Thin thing, among them, and Blue-eyed fox.
  6. Yeah, not sure what I think of the song - it's not just your speakers by the way ... I'll certainly sign up to the concert (Australian time zone version!), and interested in the album.
  7. so Jonny and Thom, and a new drummer. song is interesting, seems a bit murky sounding but that may just be my speakers atm. hm hmmm
  8. The Smile (Jonny Greenwood, Tom Skinner, Thom Yorke) have announced their new single "You Will Never Work In Television Again" and a livestreamed concert at the end of January. More details at www.thesmiletheband.com
  9. I saw this in my bookstore and was quite intrigued. It had the wrap on it though, so I couldn't peruse. I'm still PISSED that the B-sides were not a part of the rerelease, but I might consider this book.
  10. https://www.npr.org/2021/12/09/1062519603/radiohead-kid-a-amnesiac-throughline-thom-yorke-stanley-donwood This just popped up on Firefox for me today!
  11. This was an interesting chat: Friday, Dec. 3, 2021: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood, plus more | CBC Radio
  12. the exhibition is an absorbing way to spend a couple of hours and implies one more revelation: Hunting Bears segues into a longer, tuneless drum/synth jam, so there may have been some idea going on originally beyond the extremely stark guitar/synth washes. precisely the kind of anticipated content that the Kid Amnesiae bonus disc obscures the absence of. also by design it has to have a lot of isolated instrumental tracks/stems, which should be extractable for nerds. However, the only 'new' thing I really noticed was a deeper harmony part buried in You And Whose Army?, also some songs are seemingly completely absent: no Optimistic, Morning Bells, I Might Be Wrong, Knives Out, Dollars & Cents, or Life in a Glasshouse. (or any b-sides, obviously). seeing how much work clearly went into the 'game' I'm not complaining that there isn't a lot to see overall, but they should have had a random room where the absent songs shuffled round or something.
  13. Everthingggggg Evrrythinggggg Everythinggggg Everythhinininingggggg In the one place, one placeeeee
  14. The art book is beautiful. It's nice to have everything in one place. I'm getting a better sense of the process, the themes and the mood. It's quite funny too.
  15. Thanks - I eventually got it onto my mac - but I think we all know how well macs tend to react to games of any sort!
  16. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/11/18/radiohead-explain-the-story-behind-the-creation-of-its-kid-a-mnesia-exhibition-out-today-on-ps5/
  17. I mean if you have something that can run it, I downloaded it on PS5 with no issues but I know not everyone here will have something that can play games
  18. Thanks for letting us know! By 'if you have the means' I'm thinking you're talking about the patience to go through multiple Epic Games downloads (it still won't recognise my account after about 20 minutes trying)! I'll try again tomorrow ... (Edit: It's downloading now)
  19. So the virtual exhibition rules, I'd definitely check it out if you have the means
  20. and the OKNOTOK thing did this so much better, it's dumb that is was only available on tape, but there was loads and loads of demo reel there. a real insight into that era of radiohead. that being said i will probably buy the kid amnesia art book at some point
  21. the new stuff on KID Amnesia is pretty decent. I really like 'if you say the word', and follow me around actually grew on me. the new fog sounds good too but I prefer the other versions. pulk true love waits is definitely my favourite thing on there. really don't care about the other stuff, the two strings tracks are so pointless it's unreal. this era of radiohead was the most exciting, you used to be to go to their website and there would be hundreds of little snippets, this is early internet stuff. it felt like the website was this little online maze where you could hear the millions of ideas they were tossing around at that time, and this record has none of that. there's no love or effort in this. it's supposed to be a window into that time period for the band and there's very little of that. maybe i'm wrong and it's best left along to avoid spoiling radiohead's two best albums, but i'm feeling pretty disappointed by the whole thing. those two strings tracks are so fucking stupid i cant get over how dumb it is. what are they gunna do for the HTTT remaster, give us the lasers audio file off sitdownstandup?
  22. I don't think they're shit. Worrywort and Fog are amongst my favourite Radiohead songs and there aren't any I wouldn't happily listen to. There was definitely a distinctive vibe to the Amnesiac/HTTT bsides that didn't match the albums but did match each other. I think in some ways it's hard for me to separate the intense nostalgia they give me in general
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