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    • Hey Guys!   Do you think she likes Radiohead?   
    • Oh yeah I've tried the playlist thing with Spotify without success, but it's worth trying for sure. I haven't tried Instagram promotion or anything like that, although I may try and boost on TikTok, idk. I actually find I get very little traction at all from Instagram even from followers. It wasn't like that before but I think they've changed their algorithm and it seems like stuff just doesn't get surfaced as much. Or maybe it's when they swapped videos for reels and now they show up in a bit everyone just skips past?   I'm not even sure about the cutting three songs plan now! I've cut two so far and am left with 10 songs, although at the moment I think one is a clear weak link which bums me out a bit because in theory I really like the song. I have another song half written in my mind but I suspect it'll be hard to pull together so we'll see
    • Thanks. Thomas! Current plan is to release on Crimmus day. Waiting on a friend to do a couple vocal parts and then hand it over to Roger, and get it back in time to give the streaming stores a couple weeks. I've been researching promotion, and with Spotify for Artists, if you set the release out at least one week in advance, you can submit one song from the release to be submitted to editorial playlists. It's a longshot, but it'd be really cool if I got a lot of strangers out there to listen.  I did another instagram ad/boost and got more clicks per dollar but less followers. I guess that means it was an interesting ad, but they didn't like the song? Or the cheesy visual effects over the static image. I thought it was a great image. That probably reeled them in. But yeah, the first boost got like 10 followers, this one got 4.  Looking forward to your release as well! I've liked all your videos so far. Pairing them with game videos is fun. And teasing the songs. I liked that one skateboard outro. That's a pretty specific plan to cut three of them. Sounds like God Ribbon: The Apprentice. Just firing songs left and right.  
    • i think its about time i was made a mod
    • Amazing, can't wait to hear it! So far I've got 10 songs for my album, my plan is to have 15 then cut 3 to make it a 12 song album. I'm happy with how it's panned out so far but definitely getting impatient with how long it feels like it's taking 
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