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    • I love 7th chords! Thanks for the review! It's not a nylon string I think the strings were just old. It's funny that you brought up that Fame Orgy song, to me that's a classic example of a song I just wouldn't write now but kinda miss the unbridled cynicism of some of my old old songs
    • Does sound like nylon on Suzi I love 7th. They make me go like a merry-go-round. They're happy.
    • She hasn’t slowed down any more than Radiohead in terms of release schedule though. If anything she’s flooding the market right now with reissues of every album’s demos at the same time. Hope Six was very underrated, I think it’s one of her best albums musically, much better than Let England Shake, although both have a few lyrics that don’t work (Medicinals is a fucking disaster). I’ve been relistening to a lot of the older stuff and I especially love A Woman a Man Walked By and Is This Desire.
    • man, what is pj harvey doing these days?  for awhile there everybody was just transfixed by her and then so quiet
    • Drive Safe - Great transition from the verse half-mute strum to chorus rhythm. You're quite a rhymer (most notable on that, "so I can get famous/and they can rape me in the anus" song. I like that "please don't look into my eyes" line. good delivery. Empty Balloon - I can see how you wanted to go for the NMH rhythm, but that single-note version had so much soul. the lyrics stand out a bit more in this version, somehow. "all my love was spent on you/now my heart is an empty balloon" is A+ lyricism.  Suzi - I like how the vocals are really upfront yet restrained. good mixing. sometimes, I don't like your flourish of vocal melody at the end of a line, but I think you have the perfect balance here. sometimes, in other songs, that last word is too drawn out, and cutting the lines short melodically would serve the lyrics better. Prospects - going for a 7th chord, eh? someone's gotta keep 7ths alive. hm, I'm not crazy about this one. you go big on the vocals, but it's a bit off. I dig the falsetto part though. Slumber - Is that a nylon guitar? very nice. beautiful opening line. sounds a bit like a hymnal. ah, gorgeous on "if you've got some time, come see me/I do not mind at all". this is my favorite off this EP.
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