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    • Flylo, Holly Herndon, Jacques Greene, many electronic artists they’ve worked with or praised are embracing NFTs. Radiohead seem to be in a post-ideology mode where they do what they want regardless of ethics. They wouldn’t be the first artist branded as environmentalists to drop art with the carbon footprint of a tar sands field. It would be an obvious fit with the Kid A era to do a reissue in that form.
    • haha thanks, i know what it was like. i etched it onto my brain clicking through it obsessively at the time. i just mean, if you want to celebrate a particular "era", i'm curious as to how you can best do that when so much of that "era" was basically online. they fully embraced the blogging era, but the worst way to celebrate that time and what it meant is by just printing it off and binding it. at least OKNOTOK made sense because it was all pretty analog, with notebooks and stuff, but the RH online turn is harder to commemorate properly, i think. i dunno. maybe i'm just being a pedant and overthinking it, but i'd be cool with them doing something that wasn't a standard shelf-hogging boxset for once.
    • Not sure how this will make everyone feel but after checking discogs, prices of Radiohead “rare” stuff (apart from the IR discbox and TKOL newspaper which were, I guess, more limited quantities) have def been going down in recent years. A bare bones CD from Frank Ocean goes for $750, a Radiohead special edition in like-new condition is still $20.
    • I mean, if you just want to look at it and not have a physical copy, here's a link: http://web.archive.org/web/20081219080225/http://home.student.uu.se/hehi1133/artwork.htm
    • Last year I thought the Radiohead “library” announcement was going to be a prelude to an all encompassing (though, this being Radiohead, certainly not free) digital reissue of the complete Kid A and Amnesiac sessions, like a more capitalistic take on Fugazi’s live archive. Vinyl is a terrible format for reissues, but even CDs are not ideal to document hours and hours of work in progress. Kid A in particular may be the first major artist’s album that was first experienced by many of its listeners in digital form (albeit a leak of mp3s that weren’t quite legal, but the band did enthusiastically endorse their sharing at the time). Relying on a heavy box set in meatspace to celebrate albums at the leading edge of the digitization of rock music, would be an odd choice even if the ideal amount of bonus material could be fitted onto discs and records and tapes, which it can’t in this case, as it comprises years’ worth of jams/DAW sessions. In Rainbows discbox, AMSP deluxe vinyl and OKNOTOK had zero appeal due to their wild overpricing. I’m pretty sure most people were buying those to flip them anyway. The vinyl revival in general is a scam (and that discbox played a part in spurring it). The only somewhat reasonably priced special edition was TKOL newspaper (still overpriced, but not to the same degree) and those EMI era CD releases. The Amnesiac and Kid A special edition books were originally $20-25, which is less than the base price of any new vinyl these days. Amnesiac book is pretty nice, I have no idea what it’s worth now, the discogs marketplace on that page won’t load, but I probably should sell it, and definitely should sell my Kid A kids book one. Never got that HTTT “road map” to peace in the Middle East. Even less funny now.
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