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    • I dunno, I'm still invested in Radiohead albums, but I don't have the mental energy to keep up with side projects.  I think I heard Eraser and I think I downloaded something else, I dunno what (I vaguely remember seeing "Amok" but not remembering if that's a song title or album or what) and never listening to it.  I think it's because as time goes on I like Thom and Jonny less and less as people, roff
    • I painted this last week!! I sent it to May for her bday
    • I see what you mean about AMSP being kind of a sad note to leave on, but at the same time it feels like such a 'goodbye' album to me. It's far from my favourite RH album but it fits, I think. I do agree that the sequencing on ALFAA is a bit off, a few too many slow songs compared to fast songs, and that's something Radiohead have always nailed. As for Thom's stuff, I think he's generally gotten better over time. The Eraser and Amok, while great, feel like he's still trying to figure stuff out. I think Tomorrow's Modern Boxes and Anima sound really confident and solid, and I've been obsessed with his Suspiria soundtrack lately, which I intentionally ignored until seeing the film (which is also great)
    • Man I totally forgot about I Froze Up. Maybe on the HTTT 20th anniversary lolol I liked Skirting a lot when they played it on the TKOL tour in 2012 but I hadn’t listened to it for a while. Loved The Smile version immediately, and when I went back to the 2012 version I was floored with how different and sparse it was. It was good, but it’s holy shit good on this album, a definite 10
    • FWIW, I don't really think ALFAA resets the clock at all. Thom and Jonny are restless and I think if the band decided to make music, they wouldn't have to wait long for those guys I think it's probably true that an RH album would have existed with many of these songs in different versions. I think Colin would have added a lot and presumably Ed would have worked his atmospherics magic. And the sequencing feels a little wonky to me in a way most RH albums don't, but that could be my overfamiliarity with the singles Yeah I am mostly with you, though Thom's solo releases have never satisfied the Radiohead itch for me. I liked Anima a lot, but it's definitely a different vibe. The 20th anniversary releases, though, and particularly the Exhibition were pretty nice I feel the same way about Radiohead and I'm sure a lot of this is us getting older and having more important things going on in life, and how long can you really obsess over a band anyways? But I've been more jacked up for The Smile release than anything since AMSP, and if Radiohead do indeed return at some point I will end up pretty giddy. But they certainly have nothing left to prove and if the pressure of a Radiohead release is more than they want to deal with at this point in their lives, I can't hold that against them. As much as I liked AMSP, though, I'd love it if they went out with something more optimistic. But there's always In Rainbows, and there's a kind of perfection to True Love Waits being their last official album song
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