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    • i mean with You Say the Word it just sounds much more to me like Moon-Shaped era Thom than Kid Amnesiac era Thom, which is still good so it's not like it's a make or break thing.  just hard not to speculate on somethin' like that, if we're gonna talk about it at all
    • Man O War had album credits for a new string section and the vocal take was clearly recent (after the first couple of lines, which were clearly old). otherwise, there's no real reason not to take everything at face value is there? i'll personally give archival tracks a free pass for new vocals 'cos it makes sense that Thom wouldn't have bothered nailing takes for material they were leaving on the studio floor. even then, it's only Man O War that definitely has them (i find Thom's vocals hard to date after OKC because of the amount of production/performative elements going on hand in hand with his aging tone: when he strains or lays off for effect as a younger guy, he sounds like his older self, whereas old Thom can still put in a 'sweeter' take when his voice is well rested, but usually you can spot a bit of Neil Younginess and he won't 0-60 high notes). the fact that we got a video and everything for Lift, which sounds like a demo and i assume predates actual OKC studio sessions, shows that they're happy to release completely raw, ancient outtakes. i'm half expecting 'Kid Amnesiae' to be, in whole or part, a kind of cut and paste mash-up of raw original sessions, so it could be a little more jazzed up than strict outtakes (which obviously wouldn't have been properly produced/mixed anyway). but there shouldn't be a lack of outtakes to work with!
    • I mean, re OKC, there was subsequently the Minidiscs (Hacked) 'release' - which was more than I even knew what to do with ...
    • Yeah. I'm pushing 60. I look at my huge cd collection with much love/joy, and I feel sorry for the Spotify users. I need to buy a car soon - but it must have a cd player. Looks like my "new" car will be 2010ish.  I was a bit pissed off with the 20th anniversary of OKC, in that we all had to guess if the unreleased stuff was new and/or old? (Does anybody know yet?) Is this also going to be the case for this set? ie No info on when vocals were recorded, or what was added/subtracted from 20 year old tracks?  (Not that it really matters to me, because without those 7-8 b-sides, I'm not getting this fucker.)  
    • "If you're stuck in rainbows, shattering glass  Where you miss the moment, watching it pass If you say the word ..."
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